July 24, 2024

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Personal and professional development in Technology Consulting

Meet Yang, a manager in the Technology Consulting team at EY in London. Yang enjoys the creative element of building systems in her role, and values the learning and growth opportunities available at EY. She shares more about her career journey, including her involvement in EY’s Global Corporate Responsibility initiative, EY Ripples.

Tell us more about yourself

My name is Yang Liu and I am a Manager at EY in London within Technology Consulting. Originally, I am from Zhengzhou in China and studied Journalism and Digital Humanities in university. I didn’t come from a traditional computer science background, but I’ve always been very interested in how technology can help people’s daily life and transform businesses. So, I eventually started my career as a Graduate Technology Consultant in 2016. Aside from my day job, I am a passionate cook and a big foodie. I also love reading, visiting museums and going on walks with my French bulldog. I also started to take horse riding lessons this year.

Your role

I’m a manager within Technology Consulting as part of the wider Technology Transformation team, in the Microsoft Services Group Team. I normally work on consulting projects and my work focusses on implementing Microsoft technologies to help clients’ digital transformation.

Top three things about your role

The three things I do most in my current role are meetings and workshops with clients during which we gather and understand their challenges and expectations, designing and building solutions to meet client’s requirement and to conduct user trainings and hand the solution over to the client.  The creative part of building the systems is what I enjoy most, and it is really satisfying when you see the progress towards a finished solution.

Why join EY Technology Consulting?

It is an exciting time to join EY, because EY is expanding and getting more recognition in the technology industry. This means there will be more and more opportunities to learn and grow. As for my business area, Microsoft provides many the leading technologies. It’s very exciting to utilise the Microsoft cloud solutions and platforms to help client with their innovations and digitisation.  

Why EY?

People at EY are so friendly and helpful. No matter how busy everyone is, they always take time to get to know you and talk to you. I feel EY really cares about your personal growth and how EY can make a positive impact to the wider society. We have so many learning resources, communities, and networks. Belonging at EY means that I can talk about my passions to people who care about it.

Your career growth at EY

My role has evolved in my over two years in EY. For example, I got invited to speak at different events to share my career journey and passion. I felt so lucky to have these opportunities to speak to wider audience about myself and how I get here to inspire more people to get into technology. I am also involved with EY’s Global Corporate Responsibility initiative, EY Ripples. I’ve set up and led multiple EY Ripples initiatives to promote technology among young people aged between 7 and 17. I would describe this also as my proudest career experience. I enjoy getting people together and giving something back to society.

Support and development

EY has supported me massively during my time here. As technology evolves all the time, learning is a huge part for a Technology Consultant. We can attend different webcasts run by industry leaders within EY almost every week on different topics. Everyone is so keen to share the knowledge. I’ve also utilised Learning and Development resources called EY Badges. I’ve completed several courses on Data Analytics, Leadership, Sustainability. I don’t need to restrict my learning only to related fields. I can also learn thing from other business areas. Additionally, I’ve also attended many events/webcasts organised by the EY Women in Technology network. They invite business and technology experts to teach you technical skills such as Python, Power BI, AI, etc. They also invited female role models to talk about their careers and how they overcome challenges that we may also face. I certainly feel that I’m not alone in this company.

Advice to those considering a role at EY

Someone who is undecided whether to join EY or not, I would say that EY is a place where you can learn something new from people around you and share something you know to others every day. EY is a place where you can be yourself. You will find so much support from various communities and networks, and you will know you’re not alone.

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